Sunday, 16 May 2010

simple things

walks in the rain. running through daffodils. rolling down hills. finger painting. painting in general. making a mess. baking cakes and licking the bowl afterwards. kneading bread. standing in a hot shower for ages, steaming up the mirror to write messages on it. singing even though its not in tune. dancing even though i have no rhythm. telling stories. drawing pictures. learning new things. banging on drums. playing the saxophone. kisses on my forehead. kisses on my lips. hugs. chats in the middle of the night. pub gardens. cheesey chips after a night out. dancing like a loon in the middle of a club. knowing my friends are always with me. believing in something else, although not sure exactly what that is. knowing i have an extra ten minutes in bed. duvet days. finishing an essay. walking across a stage. the sense of happiness when an audience applauses. reading poems. jumping in the deep end of the swimming pool. watching fishes. daydreaming. doing something i never thought i could. falling in love, even though it terrifies me. finding out that person likes you back. toast with butter&jam. going home. being here. walking in the night. summer evenings. going to new places. meeting new people. looking at photos. reading through my diary. dyeing my hair. laughing for so long it hurts. laughing so loud people turn around. ribena. comedy. tragedy. writing letters to friends. getting letters from friends. cups of tea. bottles of beer. jager shots. that warm feeling you get after a sip of whiskey. birthday cake. the feeling on sand underneath your feet. making buttercream. knowing you make one person so happy without even trying. accepting whats what. knowing youve done a good thing. karma. being tipped at work. happy customers. acting like a child. late night invitations. people smiling. people getting on.


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