Wednesday, 20 April 2011


sunshine is a wonderful thing, it makes everything seem that little bit brighter, beautiful and positive.
even on the darkest day, a little sunshine turns everything around.
walking through manchester with the sun shining, my summery clothes on, holding hands with the boy is lovely. exactly the mini time off i needed before the next few weeks really kick in...

all you need really :)

Saturday, 16 April 2011


are hard.
compromises arent always met.
ho hum.

Monday, 4 April 2011

no more "ifs" and no more "buts"

so im sat here watching Wrestlmania, with the girls, the lads and the boy and i have a spare few minutes, so naturally i start over-thinking things.
firstly, money. its a commodity i dont care for, and i long for a world where theres a different form of trade- you work for something you want or need, instead of working for the money, the middle man which just makes things more difficult.
happily, id go back to trading chickens :)

love, in all its forms. it seems that as love for one grows, others dismiss the love you have for them- because to some it seems that you cant love your lover, and your friends, the same ammount- when you quite clearly can, in different ways.
strange no?
id like people to allow the balance, it'd be nice please.

next year- finnally got the ball rolling, and started applying for jobs. one of which is up north, a long way away for sure....away from my friends, my family and my boy. but an amazing job in theatre, im not sure if id go, but who knows what the outcome will be?

live, laugh, love <3