Saturday, 1 January 2011

new year, new times, same cole

Another lovely year.
And ive got a feeling its going to be lovely. It really really is.
Ive learnt alot over the past year, all of which is stored up to make 2011 a year of fulfilling amazing dreams, and chasing after what i want. Even if it isnt always caught, sometimes the chase can be where you learn so much more than once you reach the end.
This year will hold friends, family, excitement, happiness, the unexpected, challenges which i will succeed in, and of course. Love <3 (and copious amounts of tea!)
Im a true believer in head over heels, gut wrenching, knocks you off your feet love.
It comes in all forms, but this might just be the right year.
So lets get going shall we.

Live. Laugh. Love