Wednesday, 16 November 2011

apples and cuddles

Red and green-


I like apples :)


A heart's a flutter,
these feelings de-clutter,
when i lie inside your arms.

Minute by minute...

Days fly by,
while i lie,
encaptured in your arms.

Minute by minute....

Smile leaves lips,
as time it slips,
ending this scene in your arms.

Minute by minute....

A wave goodbye,
inside i cry,
until i'm back in your arms.


She's scared of the things going through her head,
She's scared of the monsters under her bed.
She's frightened these feelings just won't go away,
She's frightened they'll ruin the end of her day.
She's terrified from now on this is the way-
Each day will end, each night will begin.
Blocking the mind, and what lies within.
She sleeps with the night light, to keep her safe,
She sleeps knowing no difference that light will make. 
She lies there still, frozen with fears.
She lies there too scared to shout or shed tears.
"Big girls aren't scared, and big girls don't cry" 
But big girls aren't scared of that thing in the corner of your eye.
But she doesn't feel big, and she doesn't feel right,
She's a scared little princess, who gets scared at night.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

theres no place like home

currently, ive been back home, back as a resident of bristol for 8 days.
and im loving it.

moving back here was the hardest thing i've done in a long time, saying goodbye to friends that i'd never live with again, leaving the job ive had for the last however long, packing up the room which has held so many wonderful memories for me.
and saying goodbye to the boy.
desperatly trying to stay up all night, grasping the few hours left before moving away.
to some, that may seem over dramatic. but for those who have had to said goodbye to their partner, knowing that everything changes from the moment you leave is the most heart wrenching thing.
because once you leave, everything changes.

i know we'll be ok, because we have to be.
we're soulmates <3

new job time, working at my new place im finally getting a chance to put my people skills to use. making connections with some amazing new people, making new friends.
new life, back home.
i love it :)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


sunshine is a wonderful thing, it makes everything seem that little bit brighter, beautiful and positive.
even on the darkest day, a little sunshine turns everything around.
walking through manchester with the sun shining, my summery clothes on, holding hands with the boy is lovely. exactly the mini time off i needed before the next few weeks really kick in...

all you need really :)

Saturday, 16 April 2011


are hard.
compromises arent always met.
ho hum.

Monday, 4 April 2011

no more "ifs" and no more "buts"

so im sat here watching Wrestlmania, with the girls, the lads and the boy and i have a spare few minutes, so naturally i start over-thinking things.
firstly, money. its a commodity i dont care for, and i long for a world where theres a different form of trade- you work for something you want or need, instead of working for the money, the middle man which just makes things more difficult.
happily, id go back to trading chickens :)

love, in all its forms. it seems that as love for one grows, others dismiss the love you have for them- because to some it seems that you cant love your lover, and your friends, the same ammount- when you quite clearly can, in different ways.
strange no?
id like people to allow the balance, it'd be nice please.

next year- finnally got the ball rolling, and started applying for jobs. one of which is up north, a long way away for sure....away from my friends, my family and my boy. but an amazing job in theatre, im not sure if id go, but who knows what the outcome will be?

live, laugh, love <3

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


my mind is very strange.
the most amazing things are happening in my life at the moment- im in love with an amazing boy, i have a few months until my 'real life' begins and actually have ideas about what i want to do with it, the sun is shining, and it finally feels like things are slowly but surely falling into place.
but theres still a funk to be stuck in.
a grey storm cloud.

but ive got my umbrella just in case :)