Thursday, 25 November 2010

miss, ive got bonk.

look for the silver lining.
the glass is half full, not half empty.
its all going to be ok.
and something ive realised now, is that everything will always be ok in the end :)

through life, we're all handed challenges for some reason or another- be it personal growth, god, fate, karma...take your pick- but theres always a reason behind it. it just happens that sometimes its hard to see until afterwards.

life is a journey, with many different paths ultimately leading to the same destination. i truly do believe that theres something planned for us by some other power, once again im not sure as to what, and although we may take a different, and sometimes more difficult route than intended, we get to where we're meant to in the end.
sometimes challenging, sometimes uplifting,sometimes neither. but every twist and turn we take is to be taken as a lesson, it helps make us who we will be.
it sounds rather preachy this,but its a realisation ive had recently and its helped alot

And now i know that "One Day"...

  • I'll have perfected my baking, and make my own wedding cake.
  • I will open my very own bakery, with creations dedicated to my friends and  open mic nights on thursday evenings.
  • I'll fall head over heels with the person im meant for.
  • I'll marry the man who deserves me, and who i deserve.
  • I'll be a mother when im ready. 
  • Im going to travel the world. 
  • I'll be Beatrice in a professional performance of "Much Ado About Nothing"
  • I'll have the life im working for <3
Im ready. Lets go.

Live. Laugh. Love.