Wednesday, 16 November 2011

apples and cuddles

Red and green-


I like apples :)


A heart's a flutter,
these feelings de-clutter,
when i lie inside your arms.

Minute by minute...

Days fly by,
while i lie,
encaptured in your arms.

Minute by minute....

Smile leaves lips,
as time it slips,
ending this scene in your arms.

Minute by minute....

A wave goodbye,
inside i cry,
until i'm back in your arms.


She's scared of the things going through her head,
She's scared of the monsters under her bed.
She's frightened these feelings just won't go away,
She's frightened they'll ruin the end of her day.
She's terrified from now on this is the way-
Each day will end, each night will begin.
Blocking the mind, and what lies within.
She sleeps with the night light, to keep her safe,
She sleeps knowing no difference that light will make. 
She lies there still, frozen with fears.
She lies there too scared to shout or shed tears.
"Big girls aren't scared, and big girls don't cry" 
But big girls aren't scared of that thing in the corner of your eye.
But she doesn't feel big, and she doesn't feel right,
She's a scared little princess, who gets scared at night.