Sunday, 24 July 2011

theres no place like home

currently, ive been back home, back as a resident of bristol for 8 days.
and im loving it.

moving back here was the hardest thing i've done in a long time, saying goodbye to friends that i'd never live with again, leaving the job ive had for the last however long, packing up the room which has held so many wonderful memories for me.
and saying goodbye to the boy.
desperatly trying to stay up all night, grasping the few hours left before moving away.
to some, that may seem over dramatic. but for those who have had to said goodbye to their partner, knowing that everything changes from the moment you leave is the most heart wrenching thing.
because once you leave, everything changes.

i know we'll be ok, because we have to be.
we're soulmates <3

new job time, working at my new place im finally getting a chance to put my people skills to use. making connections with some amazing new people, making new friends.
new life, back home.
i love it :)