Thursday, 14 January 2010

hello 2010

two weeks into 2010, and what have i learnt? that im still the same girl from before, just with an extra year infront of me.but its going to be an extra year that i make the most of.
im going to push myself that little bit further , go that extra mile, do things that i know i can do, but that ive never had the confidence or time to do before. times not an issue, and i know that the confidence will come with practise.
i want to surprise myself, not just others. i want to do something and be able to sit back and think "crikey, i never ever thought i could do that"
mostly, i want to be proud of myself, who i am, and what ive achieved. they say that acceptance of yourself comes with time, after you've found out who you really are, and hopefully ive got all the time in the world to figure myself out.
the rest of you? well you can all just wait :)