Tuesday, 4 May 2010

its funny, all this 'clever' business

the other day, a good friend said i was 'intelligent' and it stopped me in my tracks, as they will well concur :)
ive never considered myself to be overly clever, intelligent, educated or anything else under that umbrella of meaning.
ive often been confused by long words, but longed to find out what they mean, who says them and why they have the impact that they do.
i understand people, and animals and nature. emotions are something that have always been easy for me to empathise with, ive been able to know when somebodys different without a word or even a look for a long time. and thats a type of intelligence i wouldnt swap for the world.
give me that over mathematics any day.
i dont understand concepts, where some apparently educated person says 'a' combined with 'b' will lead to 'c'. Just because it seems like the logical explanation. 
theories i get, because i get to ask why.

i always want to know why.
why is a question i find myself asking alot.
'why is the sky blue?'
'how do the clouds stay up there?'
'why cant people give peace a chance?'
'why do blue and yellow make green?'
'why dont we as a human race, try these big ideas we keep talking about, rather than deciding it wont work through the writings on a piece of paper?'


i like to understand, dig a little deeper under the given answer. you may have a perfectly logical answer, but why cant i look a little more? 

i find that the idea of being 'clever' is far too often categorised through the educational system. im not saying im stupid, i do better than average in my studies, but i think its because im generally the one asking apparently stupid questions in discussions. i want to know why something is decided, or why it happened, or why no-ones ever thought about it.

sometimes its fun to ask why.
sometimes it opens more difficult answers.
but its always interesting.

knowing different things amuses me, looking at it from a slightly different perspective. 
it lets you see something a bit different. and who wants to know just the norm?

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