Wednesday, 12 May 2010

short political outburst :)

in the last week, ive found myself so frustrated with people moaning about the election and who got what seats. especially seeing as half of these people didnt vote without good reason (personally, i couldnt afford to go home to vote in a liberal country where my vote would have a chance, as opposed to voting liberal in worcester which is truely conservative) or voted without understanding.
idiocy is one of the main reasons politicans can take advantage of us, they use clever words and the media to convince us that they only speak the truth and want goodness for all.
ill admit im a liberal supporter currently, for many reasons. they want to improve student funding, stop the cuts on the arts and keep married rights for gay couples. why did people not vote for them? because they were the only party to openly admit that to get our country out of the situation its in they would have to raise taxes. the two other majour parties chose to ignore this, and play dumb. but think about it, how do you get out of debt? by raising more money. more money = taxes.
not nice, but its what has to be done.
and theyd actually tax they upper classes more depending on their income. brilliant idea surely? not if youre some stuck up, upperclass snob who believes theyve earnt their place at the top of the ladder and should be rewarded.
they should open their eyes and realise they are, either by the inheritance theyve been lucky enough to roll in along with their estate or their high paying jobs.
earn more? then you can afford to pay a little more to help us out.
simple really.

david cameron, in my mind, should do the decent thing and step down. i dont wish to live in a country which is lead by a man who's never had a proper job in his life, has been treated to the finest things and never had to once struggle for money. i wonder how the credit crunch has affected him? only 3 cars instead of 4?
i doubt hes ever had to bugdet just to have enough food in the cupboard. or take on two jobs at one. or borrow money from family and friends just to make ends meet.
because of his upbringing, he focuses on the upper-class, and come the storm the rest of us will be left to drown.

step forward mr clegg, we're waiting for you.

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