Sunday, 7 February 2010

thinking of you

at my lowest moments i think of you, and for some reason you pull me out of the dark. but when you chose, you can take the light away again.
it makes no sense- i know the rules of this game, and to continue playing means im going to lose in the end, but i keep on taking part.
im going to lose if i play, but if i dont then ive already lost. i dont want to lose just yet.
because losing means the end, and im not ready for that.
you make me feel safe, and vunerable to every thing in the world.
you put a smile on my face, and can take it away just as easily.
you call me beautiful, and aware of each worst part of me.
i feel amazing with you, then i know everything can come crashing down.
it makes perfect sense, yet no sense at all.
its a game i want to play, and one that isnt anywhere near completed.

1 comment:

  1. Samename you do have a beautiful way with words <3