Thursday, 18 February 2010

a smile, a laugh, a tear

there's this boy.
and hell does he make me smile.
he holds me, and makes me want to face the darkness. he makes me realise theres light on the other side.
with him, i know i can do anything. my secret weapon if you will.
just one spanner in the works, by letting myself like him, im scared ive hurt a friend. and i know how to fix it if she asks me to.
thats the worse thing, i know exactly what i'll have to do.
i just dont know if i'll want to.
so im hoping i'll never have to make that choice again, a guy who makes you smile, or your friend. i know the right choice, and i know i'll decide whats right for my friend.
heres hoping thats not going to happen :)

1 comment:

  1. i know they always say never put a boy before your friends but i think sometimes we are aloud to. if this boy makes you smile, if he makes you face the darkness and not be scared, if he makes you see the light at the other end then you should go for it.
    the spanner is there by their own doing, by their own jealousy and selfishness and if you give up this boy then the spanner isn't a real friend because a real friend would never make you chose