Friday, 25 February 2011


recently the feeling of motivation i always used to hold, and treasure has slipped from me.
i used to strive for the grades in my course, want to do well in essays and performances i took part in, perfection was something i was always working for.
but recently, i just dont have that drive.
the care, the want to do well isnt there anymore.

theatre was my passion, deep down somewhere in my heart it still is and always will be, but currently not even that is pulling any motivation or creativity from within.
creativitiy leaving me is a terrible feeling, its the thing ive always been able to rely on.

my course used to stimulate me, excite me and show oppurtunities. now, it seems mundane. the want for perfect grades has left, leaving a want to float through, doing the bare minimum.

i miss my creativity.

1 comment:

  1. i feel exactly the same. defeated, deflated, unmotivated. i find that recently i am just wishing the next few months away so i can start my real life, but deep down i know that once that wish comes true i will crave everything i currently can't stand.